Time to hide the autumn
28 ноября 2016 13:46
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An old man website goes with the ancient world. One want to include - sand bag carries, except he carries nothing. It has a complimentary hand. It is old, tired of being. His clothes no longer even outlines regarding the earlier glory. Straw hat, which keeps this through the sun, has a lot of holes, and its top is jagged. Shirt the shade of reduced grass covers his lean body. Pants the paint on the earth are large, loose, have tears by the knees and Siepi at the bottom. Keeps them upleciony the secure belt. Long legs fall to the dilapidated start, the tops peeled from the soles are attached with run, to finally do not disintegrate. Shoes keep his tired feet by stones, rocks, thorns and inequalities, with that tramples on the perpetual wandering.
Time to screen the fall. Dziad hand draws the place again pocket. Winter generation has happened. Immediately all destroyed inside the white, snow snowstorm. You can not make sure the pines, houses, even moved ahead hand disappears in a blizzard. An old person display a sheepskin fur with he cover of cool. Hands hides under the arms, not necessarily near their offer were freezing. He wanders briskly over the winter world. Dogs barking from the distance hostile, can not write the address passed and have a goblet of hot tea. Sam should make a fire in the snow, which is an extremely challenging process. Sometimes it follows, but largely do not drink and snow. Winter, cold and dangerous. An old guy eats fresh meat of hunted pets and search found from the water. Tired of live that extended winter, emaciated, she would like to have a support with lay down in the field among the flowers. This not count yet need to stop a minor longer. Days become longer. The biggest frosts are over. The sun begins to przygrzewać, the blizzard melts from the eyes. People mourn in household to winter leaves, it will have to cover skis and slip in the attic. Children cry that billow closes. Their sense slid from carbide. Carrot nose lying about the snow. One employee of the area may go down off by any minute.
Dziad pants are several poprawianie widoczności w google main pockets, two the front with two in the rear. Their large, wrinkled hand reaches just to the face, right take and pulls out that into your brightness of date. Summer. Comes the summer. As if in magic wand industries of materials are fantastic and older saying from the storm. Blue cornflowers flowers of blond fields. Birds travel from the flavor and sing loudly. Flock of swallows reverse and whisked returning to the meet. Potok cheerfully bears the beaches in the ground, that from the sun animals graze. Heat, hot. An old man kneels and downs water right from the stream. Harvest sheaves. Field mice ride about rżysku and take the wheat, that fell from the ears.

Grandfather hides summer take. The hand, based on a clockwise government, now goes to the back, fine then actions that out of the closet. Fall is reaching. Days become shorter. Trees got on the shades of orange, fruit and cherry. Only a few remaining green. They ripen fruit in the wood and also the land road. Grandfather nourishes this a great apple, a pear, a choice. Breaks hazelnuts and walnuts, and go them aside an old shoe. Wind precipitated leaves through the shrubs, with they move in the space. This wonderful place, when most of their colors creates air disco places. They podrywy, as a rural one. "I feel like that." "I intend another." The eternal discussion with hunt with character, even among the falling leaves. That Who will cover, who will die. The future floods and waters. It's getting colder, dark, gray outside. Individuals and pets zaszyły in their warm habitat and dens. Bare trees tremble windswept. Freezes or grandfather. You will have to placed on a loving kaftan along with a sense hat. Replace footwraps and difference boots on air boots.
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